It Begins
A couple of weeks ago I reached out to Jack Williams of JW Fitness to take over my nutrition and training to take my health and fitness to the next level. Jack has an experienced eye and has got great results with countless clients.
Over the period of the plan I will be documenting food and training, how I feel, pictures of my progress and any other thoughts that may crop up into my diet brain over the course of the program. I have an idea of where I want to go which will be my fuel during this period, having done something like this before I know the most difficult part will be food consumption and consistency.

I am looking to have a healthy balance between all the aspects of my life, training, my massage business and clients and my continued progress with golf compared to before where it overtook my life and by the end of my last program I had enough of training and diet and rebounded in an unhealthy way.
One of the main aspects of the program I wanted to get across was the perspective from both parties; the personal trainer and the client. As a trainer myself trying to get across to clients’ consistency, patience and trust in the program and diet can be a battle and generally determines whether a client succeeds or not.
Throughout the program their will be doubts along the way and again this will be a perfect time to look at the process from both parties.

All in all I hope to take as many pictures and videos and ultimately provide as much information as possible that may benefit anyone reading (if there is any) and also provide a platform where questions can be asked and answered.
I hope you enjoy my journey and follow along with me and tag me in a journey of your own.

Matthew Hewitson

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