Client Testimonials

“I have been working with Matt now for 2 years,  in this time my flexibility has improved immensely, I am able to bend,rotate and get into a lot better positions which improves my golf.

Matt is one of the most knowledgeable people I have spoken to in this industry and really knows what he is talking about. My diet improved huge amounts and over time I started to see results in and out of the gym, I felt better on the course and felt I had more energy in the gym.

Half of the reason why I was able to achieve this was because of Matt’s motivation, belief and encouragement, he makes you feel at home in the gym but pushes you to your limits which is where you need to be to succeed.




“Matt has been a key influence in progressing myself as a ‘golf athlete’ rather than just an ordinary average golfer. He is very knowledgeable and will go into depth to explain everything as clearly as he can. He has helped me understand the foundations of making sure posture and form are correct while exercising. Matt was a key part to helping me reach a certain point of flexibility as I am now able to rotate further without over stretching and pulling any muscles in the process.

Matt also has a wide knowledge about nutrition and set up an easy to follow meal plan. This was very helpful because Matt would be able to follow what I was eating, therefore if I felt tired during a session then he could tell me why and offer alternatives to eat.

I am really impressed with the way Matt conducts himself inside the gym, he is very professional and can answer nearly every question I ask about certain things. I look forward to continue working with him.



I have worked with Matt for the last 10-12 months of which Matt has showcased he is very knowledgeable and has helped me out a lot over the last 10 months. Matt creates a programme for me to do in the gym and has given me a better understanding of how to get the best out of myself and make the most of my time and money.

Since working with him I have certainly increased my strength and flexibility both areas I wanted to improve for my golf. He also devised a nutrition plan for me for my time in an out of the gym which I felt was very beneficial as I lost weight also feeling energised throughout my busy day. I liked the fact he based the diet on my specific needs rather than just a diet that can be handed out to anyone.

Matt has helped me out a lot especially when it’s come to treatment. In the past I have had emergency home visits from Matt to help with some treatment due to collecting injuries such as tearing my tricep especially providing treatment at such short notice which helped just before going away for a tournament.

Matt is great at seeing you when needed as opposed to having to be seen of which works great for my schedule and bank balance. Matt is great at what he does, and I would certainly refer him to anyone else looking for personal training, nutrition or massage as he provides the complete package.


“I have always struggled with tightness in my back when playing golf. I arranged to see Matt at Pyrford Golf Club for some massage sessions and it didn’t take long to see an improvement. I am now more mobile in my back and able to practise for longer. I am now more confident in my lower back and would recommend Matt to any golfer looking to improve.”


“Matt has helped a lot in the past year with regular massage treatments within the convenience of my own home. Working all day and then training creates a lot of stress of which Matt helps to alleviate that stress through regular treatments. Matt’s level of knowledge and application puts me at ease whenever he sees me especially through the use of his cupping and his instrument assisted massages and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”