5 days in

So the first five days have gone by pretty quickly and to be honest I have felt pretty relaxed about the diet which I thought would stress me out especially within the environment that I work. Due to Jacks insistence on hitting Macro and calorie goals as opposed to eating specific meals without any indication of calories or macros this is probably the most stressed free regarding food for a while.

The training however is a different story, I have had moments of slight annoyance that I have become so weak in specific movements but am thrilled at the process of training as hard as possible and watching my progress improve over a given period. It won’t be easy but anything worth having doesn’t come easy, if it was……… everyone would do it.

Now to those who are interested the macro goals I have been put on to start the program are below:

To begin with I thought that the carbohydrate intake was quite high and I would struggle to get them in especially being quite busy finding it difficult to sit down and have big meals. The beauty of flexible dieting means I have found it quite easy to get this level of carbohydrates in. For those who are interested in the foods I eat to coincide with my busy day just follow me on myfitnesspal my username being mhewitson8478.

Hopefully this blog hasn’t bored you too much but if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to get back to you.

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